Hi and thanks for stopping by!

I am a camera toting mama to three little ladies and one lucky boy. I love the opportunity I have to meet such incredible people through my photography and I’m grateful for your invitation to record the sweet moments of your life.

While I very much enjoy the conversations I have with my clients as we get to know one another, I also look forward to being a silent observer, whether it be the moment you finally meet your long-awaited baby or when your family is laughing their heads off about whatever happened during our session.

It’s my job to tell your story and create art out of your life. I do that by getting to know you, by making you and your loved ones feel comfortable, and become a little less aware of a camera in your face. My goal is to tell your story in a beautiful, genuine way. I want to help you freeze time so you never forget this stage, your birth story, or a milestone. 

I am classically trained in film photography and traditional darkroom printing and have almost two decades behind a camera.  I now shoot digitally, but use my background to deliver a clean and artistic product, while providing a comfortable experience for my clients.

Life is beautiful and I look forward to the opportunity of spending time documenting yours so that you will never forget the chapter!


Email: [email protected]